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IDM Fastest download manager 3.4.1

6/26/2017 Add Comment
IDM Fastest download manager 3.4.1

IDM+ is the fastest download manager available on android. It's upto 500% faster than normal download. And it doesn't run background services if there's nothing to download and Smart download option is disabled which increases battery life.

Download Photos Pro version 2.4

6/26/2017 Add Comment
Download Photos Pro version 2.4

With this app you can download and upload thousands of Facebook photos in just one click with the fastest speed.

✪ Download
✓ Download thousands of photos in just one click.
✓ Download all of photos on Facebook (cover,timeline,profile ...and other albums).
✓ Download from yourself, friends, groups, pages.
✓ Search friend, groups, pages and download the photos of them.
✓ Very simple and easy to use app.
✓ Photos in its original quality.

✪ Upload
✓ Upload thousands of photos in just one click.
✓ Create new album,set privacy(Public, Only me...)
✓ Tag friends.
✓ Write status.

Install Button Unlocker 2.8

6/26/2017 Add Comment

When you install the apk file, have you ever troubled by the inability to press the button?
This app will unlock automatically the locked button and it can also unlock the locked button other than the install button.

Please set up by the following procedure.

1. Turn on the switch on top-right corner in the screen of the "Install Button Unlocker".
2. Accessibility screen is opened. Please select the "Install Button Unlocker" item from the list.
3. Turn on the switch on the top-right corner.
4. "Use Install Button Unlocker?" dialog is displayed. Then choose OK button.

In Android 5.0 or later, an error may occur.
If an error occurs, install the "Alert Window Checker" from below, please stop the app that inhibit the activation.

Alert Window Checker

Status Bar Mini PRO 1.0.172

6/13/2017 Add Comment

This app adds meaningful text readings (text overlay) to your screen. You can add date in different formats, battery level and temperature, available memory (RAM) and CPU reading. You can quickly refer to the statistics at anytime. You can also change their font size, color, order, location, transparency, and layout.

Update Log:

1.0.130 Fix "exception list" for lollipop (require PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission)
1.0.125 Color adjustment for each field
1.0.123 Fix for Android L
1.0.122 Polish (TomoS)
1.0.120 Font fix
1.0.118 Inverted mode fix
1.0.117 External storage fix
1.0.116 Chinese cal fix
1.0.115 Bug fix (battery)
1.0.113 Bug fix (inverted mode, hide when notifying)
1.0.111 Xiaomi fix (小米、紅米)
1.0.108 Chinese Calendar Date (Lunar Calendar / 农历)
1.0.107 Hide when notifying
1.0.105 RU fix
1.0.104 Fix for 4.4.2 (service not restart, restart when unlock)
1.0.103 Fix to 4.4.2 (service not restart, restart when unlock)
1.0.102 Russian Translation (Андрей Кравцов)
1.0.101 Rounded corners option, Update icon, Fixes for Nexus 5
* Enforce READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for Kitkat (Read SD card fonts), minor fixes for Kitkat (4.4+)
* Hide when immersive mode (4.4+)
* Remove +1 button
* Start on boot
1.0.96 Fix update battery delay
1.0.91-94 Reduce battery consumption
1.0.90 Field width adjustment (Ordering section)
1.0.87 Refresh interval, HTC fix
1.0.81 Hide when Calling (READ_PHONE_STATE permission)
1.0.80 Notification fix (4.3+)
1.0.76 Exclusion List (Require GET_TASKS permission), full screen detection function depreciated
1.0.74, 75 Bug fix for custom location / orientation
1.0.73 Add internal / external storage disk readings (Free / used space)

Cleaner Master Speed Booster

1/21/2015 Add Comment
Cleaner - Master Speed Booster Free! - Android Optimizer is proud to be the "" VERY PRACTICAL "". Be an expert in saving battery power and optimization of mobile phones easily and FREE OF CHARGE! This application helps users clear the memory, clean up junk files and cache, optimize the game, clearing search history, call history and SMS, and easily manage applications built and installed applications! With proper usage, this application can improve the performance and speed of your phone and save your battery only with one-touch button. This application is very practical. 100% Free.

Applications blend tools 7-in-1! - Memory Cleaner, Cleaner Cache, game optimization, Search History Cleaner, History Cleaner Call & SMS, Widget Optimization Games, and Product Applications. 7 features, but VERY EASY TO USE! Download the app / widget for free, become an expert Android Optimizer!


★ --- 1. Memory Cleaner (Task Killer) --- ★
✓ Cleaning memory, kill task with the "" optimization "" one-touch very practical to save power!
✓ Displays memory free space before / after. Protect your phone from a waste of resources!

★ --- 2. Optimization Games --- ★
✓ By allocating memory space corresponding to the game prior to launch, your phone will be optimized for any game you want!
✓ Increased average of 20% for the speed of your game!

★ --- 3. Cached Cleanser (Garbage File Cleaner) --- ★
✓ Clean your Cache Files to improve performance and memory capacity of your mobile phone!
✓ Button "" optimization "" one-touch practical to clean.

★ --- 4. Cleansing History Search --- ★
✓ Clear Google Search History Play Store & History Your Browser
✓ Also includes a file manager to remove all the files being downloaded.

★ --- 5. History Cleaners Call & SMS --- ★
✓ Clean History Calls & SMS / Text anywhere one by one
✓ By selecting "" Select All "", you can delete the entire history Calls & SMS / Text in touch.

★ --- 6. Widget Optimization Games --- ★
✓ Access your game optimization function of the widget on the Home screen

★ --- 7. Removal Applications --- ★
✓ Covering Application Manager - Manage your phone Default Applications.
✓ Turn off and remove a number of applications at once.

17 January 2015

DU Speed Booster Cache Cleaner

1/21/2015 1 Comment
DU Speed Booster is the control and optimization Optimizer Android cleaners with security features innate antiviral FREE. This application can improve your phone speed by 60%, clean up junk files (cache) of your system, and increase the available storage space on your SD card. It is a comprehensive optimization solutions Android phone with a combination of advanced functionality task cleaner applications, enhancing speed and RAM, storage analyzer (garbage & cache), and the master security guards and antivirus protection for your phone.

Summary DU Speed Booster (Optimizer Cleaning & Master Security):
Speed Booster ★ Easy: One-touch saves you time and effort to speed up your phone.
★ Junk File Cleaner: Fully scan and clean up all junk files and cache.
★ Intelligent Cleaning: Cleaning automatically default to the process and unwanted junk files.
★ Speed Booster Strong: Speed up your Android phone up to 60%!
★ Optimization & Master Security: Ensure your phone safe and protected from viruses or Trojans.

Features DU Speed Booster (Optimizer Cleaning & Master Security):
► BOOSTER GAME: Improving speed and your gaming experience.
The introduction of smart and manually adding games or applications installed.
Concentrate resources to support the operation of the game system, and launch a game and improve FPS.
► akselarator SPEED: Creating Android applications and games faster than ever before!
Diagnosis and acceleration speed of the touch system: Click the "Optimize" or use the front page widgets.
Cleaning the background, turn off the task and disable applications that run automatically (for root device only) so that a more spacious memory and increase system speed.
Stopping unnecessary applications to increase memory.
► CLEANING WASTE: Cleaning the Android phone and your SD card from junk files and cache to speed!
Cleaning the files left behind after uninstalling applications to free up storage space.
Cleaning the cache phone with one touch to increase the speed of your Android system.
► MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS ADVANCED: Take control of your application to keep the storage space is kept clean and orderly!
Install / uninstall the group maintain the cleanliness of your Android and increase top speed.
Organizing applications on the phone's internal storage and SD card to free up space.
Move applications and files between phone and SD card (App2SD) to free up phone memory.
► DU SECURITY: antivirus scanner, manager permission.
Quickly scan applications and files on the phone to protect the device from viruses and Trojans with antivirus.
Check the permissions requested by any application that is installed; or reviewing permit applications are categorized according to.

Cleaning Optimization & Control Security, which is trusted by hundreds of millions of users DU Apps Studio, DU Speed Booster will help you control and maximize the background applications, memory space, junk files (cache) and battery power, as well as check the license application and secure your phone from virus....

12 January 2015